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In "Frontline: World War II" players command the Allied forces through some of the most famous battles of the Second World War freeing Europe, Africa, and the Pacific theatre from the hands of the Axis powers.

Fight your way through 45 epic WWII battles (Campaign & scenarios), aim your targets carefully, counter-attack, and strategically coordinate your squads. The study of enemy tactics and the use of  Special abilities will lead to victory!  

New units become available as you progress through the campaign based on your ingenuity, skill, tactics, and chronology.
All Units improve and unlock new behaviors once they reach the experience needed, abilities that will prove later on indispensable in battle: Camouflage, Sabotage, Entrench, Over-watch, Smoke-screens, AT grenades, Artillery barrage, Shell Shock, Transport, Special Panzers, APCR, Armor Suppression, Routed, Infantry Charge,  sharp-shooters, encirclement & flanking, deflections, penetration, critical hits, and ballistics that depend on the range of contact.

in this turn-based, offline-operational tactics-strategy game you get to lead your army to victory by conquering objectives in any strategy you find best.

The "Frontline Games Series" is a Solo Dev effort, I answer and appreciate all feedback. 

✔23 Historical inspired missions
✔22 Hard Scenarios where you will face against the full force of the enemy but also get to recruit your own army
✔42xUnit specializations (multiple "Perks" per unit)
✔Level up & active abilities for every unit
✔Weapon arsenal: ~200 unique units
✔Reinforcements & supply
✔Multiple objectives
✔Zoom controls
✔HD graphics 
✔Intuitive interface
✔No ADS or Micro-transactions
✔All DLC's are free
✔Lean learning curve
✔Light Turn limit









Unit characteristics:


Strenght - units size and combat readiness


HP - Hit-points (Health & Armor) 


Range - Attack range (Damage -1/Hexagon distance)


Soft damage - Damage against soft targets (Infantry & destructibles)


Hard damage - Damage against armoured units


Support damage - Damage to support units


Warship damage - Damage to warships


Underwater damage - Damage to U-boats & submarines


Anti-Aircraft damage - Damage against airborne units

Unit Specialization:

Support- Defends any adjacent friendly unit from incoming enemy attacks.

Initiative: A bonus attack is granted every time an enemy it's eliminated

Grounded: Unit does not retreat nor break (cannot be suppressed)

Tracked: Bonus movement in rough terrain

Unpredictable: Some combat predicaments are unknown until combat occures

Slow: Unit can only perform one action per turn (Cannot move after attack, cannot attack after movement)

Head Quarters (H.Q): Can recruit new units but also heal, repair, refill ammo and fuel. Range: 5

EVASION: Chance to evade incoming  Soft attacks

EVASION: Chance to evade incoming  HARD or Naval attacks

Entrenchments: Absorb 10-75% Damage

Long range weapons: Attack range increased 

SMG : Sub machine guns - Extra damage against soft targets at close range

Assault weapons: Bonus damage at any range

Heavy MG: Bonus damage to soft targets (can SUPPRESS enemy targets)

Anti-Tank weapons: Extra damage to armored units

Melee: Bonus damage to soft targets at close range

Flamethrower: Extra damage to entrenched units

Demolition: Extra damage to structures and SUPPORT units

Heavy Mortar support: Bonus damage

Artillery: Long range artillery units

Rocket artillery: Extra damage [incendiary]

Tank Destroyer: Can fire from behind obstacles at no penalty

AA: Anti-aircraft weapons - will engage incoming AIRSTRIKES or Airborne units.

Torpedo: Extreme damage to Warships

Fighter: Fighter aircraft

Dive-bomber aircraft: Vulnerable to attacks

Sonar: Unit can use "Over watch"

Paratroopers: airborne units that can be landed in areas of the map where there is no Anti-Aircraft support

No retaliation: Unit cannot fight back when engaged

Low accuracy: Combat efficiency lowered

Reconnaissance: Extended range

Barb-wire: Defends the position, unit cannot be pushed back!

Mine-sweeper: Extra damage to minefields

Body armor: Bonus HP

Captured unit: Captured French tanks


When enough experience is gained, units will automatically improve and unlock new Abilities & Behaviours.

*Best used in combination with other units.


Defense +25% (absorbs incoming damage)


Pushes the enemy unit back one Hexagon.

No effect on Grounded units.

Grounded: Unit does not retreat nor break (cannot be suppressed)

Sneak attack:

Bonus incendiary bonus

Units can not be seen by the enemy during the attack and will take very little damage


Infiltrate and DISABLE any enemy unit for 1 turn

If successful: Target  will not retaliate


Long-range sniper attack.

Range +1

Accuracy -15%

*No effect on SUPPORT units

Infantry Charge:

Fix bayonets

High casualties 

Best used against retreating units

Close attack:

The unit will try a close attack using AT and Explosive

High casualties

Low accuracy


OVER-Watch for Submarine-hunters & torpeedo boats

The unit will engage automatically any enemy entering its attack range.

To deploy it needs a distance of at least 3Hex from the enemy

Frontal attack:

High casualties

High damage

Smoke Screen:

Hides the unit in thick smoke taking minimal damage

Effect: 1 Turn


Increased transportation range.

Units are protected while in transport but cannot fight back until deployment.


Resupply Strenght to any unit

Range: 5

Cost: 0

Ammunition & Fuel:

Refill a unit's ammo and fuel


Weapons Arsenal:




Italy & France:

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